2019 Akisan USA Scholarship Application guide And Deadline Read

AkisanScholarship opportunity for Akwa Ibom State Indigene in the University of Uyo (UNIUYO), Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic is still ongoing. The Application procedures, requirements and how to register can be found on this page.


The Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, USA Inc.(AKISAN) under the leadership of Akparawa Uduak-Obong “Etukad” Ubon is pleased to announce scholarship opportunities for the students who are actively enrolled at the above-mentioned schools, who have attained academic excellence with competitive GPAs and have proven moral integrity. AKISAN shall work with various Heads of Departments (HODs), Record Officers (ROs), Examination Officers
(EOs) and other individuals within and outside the academic circle to vet, validate and award monies to successful candidates. The scholarships shall be awarded to students from ALL 31 LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS (LGA) in the following format:

  1. Three (3) students from each LGA for 31 LGAs at N40k each at the University of Uyo =
    N3,720,000.00 to ninety-three (93) recipients.

  2. Two (2) students from each LGA for 31 LGAs at N30k each at Akwa Ibom State
    University = N1,860,000.0 to Sixty-two (62) recipients.

  3. One (1) from each LGA for 31 LGAs at N30k each at Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic =
    N930,000.00 to Thirty-one (31) recipients.

  4. Subtotal = N6,510,000.00 to One hundred & eighty recipients.


Download application forms at www.akisan.org


HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION: Send via email, as an attachment, to president@akisan.org

ELIGIBILITY: You must be a full-time student of Akwa Ibom Origin at the above-listed institutions with qualifying minimum GPA of 3.0



(1). Letter of Moral attestation from a clergy, House of Assembly, House of Representatives or Senate member, Senior civil servant (Perm Sec and above) Village Head, Clan Head, Head of Department or any other principal academic officer not below the rank of Head of Department with email and/or phone numbers attached for verification purposes.

(2). Letter of Origin (LGA)

(3). Current transcript of GPA/result signed and stamped by HOD, Records Officer/Examinations department.

(4). Scanned/photocopy of student identification card

(5). Follow all instructions on the application form*


All qualified candidates from each LGA of the three tiers of institutions listed above shall be awarded based on GPA. If two or more candidates have similar GPAs and meet other qualifications they shall be drawn by ballot to determine the recipient. Names of successful applicants shall be published at www.akisan.org on or before 31-07-2018. If at the end of the selection process, candidates’ quota for certain local governments is not met, the association (AKISAN) shall proceed to give scholarship awards to students from other LGAs even though they have met the stipulated quota for that LGA.

There are no appeal processes should any applicant not be deemed successful, the decisions of
AKISAN are final and binding.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This is a project of “Team Ukara-Abasi”, elected into office on August 2016 and supported by the entire AKISAN family in a diaspora. There is no guarantee of continuation of this scholarship awards after this administration as future administrations may choose other means of supporting/empowering Akwa Ibomites from the diaspora.

source: akisan.org

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