I want to ask an important question about my school…

Do you know that most related questions about your school have already been answered? Also, you will likely get a response 10 times faster if you ask the entire school community of members. It’s easy to ask a question;


There are two ways to overcome your search and make it easier.
1. From the top of our website, select the school whose latest information you need. Our website should reload, giving you specific and the latest information we have from that school you selected.
2. Use the search box at the top right corner of our website. Enter keywords only e.g. Futo 1st Admission List. If you still don’t find it, remove “1st” in the sentence.


It has nothing to do with the above options…

Because a staff is almost always on the website, this is the fastest way of getting a reply (Only open to members);


f you absolutely must, give us a call;

This option doesn’t guarantee that your question or enquiry about your school will be answered instantly or else of course it is service related. Here are our hotlines from 9am – 5pm daily;


Staying Up-to-date…

Staying up-to-date will help you reduce the need of contacting us;