How To Pass Jamb 2019 Without Expo Or Jamb Runs


The answer is also very straight forward. It is possible to pass Jamb without expo or malpractice.

At this point, Another question comes to mind. How can I pass Jamb 2019 without Expo? The answer is to study and get the proper guide.

How do I study for Jamb? Nice question. Study for Jamb with full concentration and revelation.

Jamb usually gives syllabus… If you can go through everything in the syllabus, you will not only pass. But, You will score very high.

In summary, there are 10 points I will give you to pass Jamb without expo. At the end of the points, I will give links to five recommended article to boost your  Jamb 2017 score dramatically.

How To Pass Jamb Without Expo:

  • Make up your mind to pass without any assistance.
  • Get the recommended text books.
  • Lay your hands on Jamb syllabus and hot topics.
  • Get Jamb past questions and key topics for all your subjects.
  • Study along with Jamb syllabus.
  • Practice Jamb past questions without looking at the answers.
  • Set personal test and examinations for yourself.
  • Overcome fear and boost total confidence.
  • Say no to procrastination.
  • Don’t skip or fear any difficult part. Face all your fears.
  • Done! Your are good to go.



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