MTN Mobile Electricity Plans & Subscription codes


There are a couple of plans to choose from. We list them below with their prices.

MTN Mobile Electricity Plans & Subscription codes

PlanPriceActivation Code
1 Day230 Naira (230 NGN per Day)SMS 1 to 317
5 Days1000 Naira (200 NGN per Day)SMS 5 to 317
10 Days1800 Naira (180 NGN per Day)SMS 10 to 317
20 Days3300 Naira (165 NGN per Day)SMS 20 to 317
30 Days4500 Naira (150 NGN per Day)Text 30 to 317
90 Days12,600 NGN (140 NGN per Day)SMS 90 to 317
180 Days₦23,400 (130 NGN per Day)Text 180 to 317
365 Days₦46,720 (128 NGN per Day)SMS 365 to 317
1800 Days219,000 Naira (122 NGN per Day)SMS 1800 to 317

How to Recharge MTN Mobile Electricity

During setup, you provide an MTN mobile number that should be associated to your MTN Yellow Box. This is the mobile line you will be using in recharging your MTN Mobile Electricity.

You load enough credit on the mobile line to pay for your chosen plan, then send the applicable text message from your MTN line to activate the plan and buy energy credits.

For example, to recharge for the 30 day subscription plan, load at least 4,500 Naira to your MTN line and SMS 30 to 317. Note that once your existing plan is exuasted, the system will default (Auto-renewal) to the daily plan, which cost 230 Naira per day. You can exit by texting EXIT to 317.

Note that part of the terms and conditions requires you to use the system for at least 20 days in a month or you will be required to pay for any deficit payment on previous months before you can use the MTN Yellow Box for current month

Your MTN Mobile Electricity will be locked until you complete the deficit. If your MTN Mobile Electricity is locked for up to 60 days, you could lose ownership of the system.

After 1800 paid days, the system unlocks permanently allowing you to enjoy energy without having to pay. This is because the system is given to you on lease and after 1800 paid days you would have fully paid for the system.

The MTN Mobile Electricity comes with 5 years warranty, during which Lumos/MTN will take care of maintenance of the system free.

The MTN Mobile Electricity indoor unit (MTN Yellow Box) offers eight DC output ports with varying amount of current, suitable for charging mobile phones or tablets and powering other DC power appliances like LED lights and radios.

MTN Mobile Electricity kit also comes with a 60W DC to AC converter, which converts DC output to AC, enabling you power AC appliances like your electric fan, laptops, and TV. However, the converter can only supply 60W max, so the TV has to be small.

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